Sarah Charles

Perceptive pragmatism

I know how business feels, not just how it works

My career is based on helping companies become more successful. I’ve worked at board level and with middle management, helping them solve their problems. I’ve faced those same problems myself, in my roles in industry and in growing my own advisory practices. So I understand what it means to take risks, to create demand – and to trust your intuition as well as your intellect.

Taking the wider view An objective entrepreneur

I’m not about number crunching, fine-tuning or a function-based approach. I look at the bigger picture, and orchestrate what needs to be done across your organisation as a whole to get you to where you want to be.

  • Customer-focused business growth
  • Entering new markets – from finding partners and negotiating deals, to providing feedback from the marketplace
  • Designing more efficient organisations
  • Developing leaders to ensure sustainable growth.

I don’t just advise, I help you make things happen. My background is in creating businesses under the umbrella of a bigger brand:

  • As a partner at KPMG, I created my own practices, turned others around and led high performance teams
  • As Finance Director for PepsiCo Food Service International in the UK, I developed the finance function (including strategy and IT) for the Europe, Africa and Middle East region
  • For PepsiCo in the US, I helped create a new financial function to facilitate information flows between the divisions and corporate
  • I was a founder member of Accenture’s strategy practice in New York.

The ten-second summary

There’s a lot I’ve learned in thirty years. The point is that my 360° viewpoint and diverse skill set helps me find solutions to seemingly intractable problems. I’d be very happy to help you overcome obstacles to your company’s growing success.
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