Sarah Charles

Evidence-based consultancy

Starting with the right question

The right questions often come in the guise of stupid ones. Thirty years of business experience gives me the confidence to ask them.

A robust process

For larger assignments, my approach is to take a hypothesis, prove or disprove it through robust analysis, and make recommendations accordingly.
Formulate a
Prove or refine
the hypothesis
Assess the

From our initial discussions I will develop a hypothesis – an assumption on which to base the work that I will do.

I’ll test the hypothesis from many different angles, using qualitative and quantitative research and I won't ignore inconvenient facts. Thorough investigation brings the real issues to light – and these aren’t always what is expected.

Give honest feedback and recommendations

I’ve found that the ‘truth’ of a situation is not a fixed point, but a balance between intuition and analysis. My clients trust me to deliver on both counts and recommend the best possible course of action.  

An entrepreneurial approach

I adapt my approach to the client and the problem at hand.  Many smaller companies and start-ups prefer a ‘just do it’ approach – and although my solution will be just as evidence-based, I will ensure that the process does not get in the way of making things happen quickly.

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