Sarah Charles

Success stories

Results, improvements, developments, expansion
Gatwick Airport
Work with Senior Leadership Team
  • Worked with team individually and with group during sale process
  • Facilitated workshop on transaction and team issues
  • Assisted individuals in thinking through potential post-deal scenarios
The Hummingbird Bakery
The Hummingbird Bakery
Development of franchise proposition
  • Worked with Commercial Director to develop both general franchise offer and specific proposition for potential franchisee and provided support for franchisee negotiations
  • Reviewed cost structure and revenue projections of existing business
  • Developed fee structures and franchisee support requirements
Designer Alterations / Total Wardrobe Care
Growing the business
  • Worked with founder to develop 5 year plan for business exit
  • Jointly created ideas for growth including direct selling and assisted
    with their implementation
  • Provided planning framework, reviewed and challenged assumptions for growth
  • Assisted in planning fundraising efforts
Babcock International Group plc
Partnership Survey
  • Conducted a survey focussed on partnership with Babcock management and their customers
  • Validated key elements of strong relationship and developed case studies for each
  • Results provided insights to Executive Committee and 'The Charles Report' now central plank of customer strategy
World Duty Free
World Duty Free
Transaction Support
  • Assisted in development of focussed and coherent management presentation to potential buyers
  • Worked individually with Directors as well as with them as a team
  • Challenged their thinking and helped tell their story of transformation and growth
  • Coached their performance
  • Resulted in higher value achievement for the business
Bookesellers Association
The Booksellers Association
Benchmarking Study
  • Conducted study comparing bookselling market in the UK with Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and the USA
  • Focussed on evaluating differences in performance across key drivers of profitability and identifying potential lessons learned
  • Conducted primary and secondary market research in light of limited published data
  • Results highlighted relative challenges of the UK market and highlighted a number of ways in which UK booksellers could potentially improve their performance
Development programmes
  • Partner Coach for Emerging Leaders Programme - helping Director level teams create and execute a project with an entrepreneur
  • Role Player for Partner Candidate Development Centre - providing challenging business contexts for candidates
Irish Market Study
  • Assessed potential of developing strategic and operational due diligence service for Irish market
  • Conducted primary and secondary research including interview programme
  • Results demonstrated interest in local capability which the Irish practice has now implemented
International Expansion
  • Explored potential for Middle Eastern expansion of Liberty of London brand
  • Investigated potential retail partners, identified short list and arranged meetings
  • Resulted in recommended partner
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