Sarah Charles

Practical strategy

Because dealing with hard realities takes exceptional creativity

I describe my work as ‘practical strategy’ because that’s what I do - delivering practical solutions to strategic problems. I don’t just create concepts, presentations and reports. I translate theory into results. My services fall largely into three areas:

Business Growth Organisational services Non-executive
  • Customer-focused strategies
  • International expansion
  • Acquisition and disposal support
  • Performance improvement
  • Organisation restructuring/performance improvement
  • Change programme development and management
  • Board assessment and facilitation
  • Senior executive/emerging leader mentoring
  • Non-Executive Director and Senior Independent Director of NHS Foundation Trust
  • Former NED for a variety of private and not-for-profit organisations

What matters to you matters to me

I empathise with my clients and it doesn’t take me long to fit in. But clients also appreciate that I ‘tell it like it is’. After all, you wouldn’t need me if your choices were clear, the issues were easy and the way forward problem-free. I don’t avoid the difficult conversations that are often integral to progress.

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