Sarah Charles

Five good reasons to work together

Personal, undivided, expert attention

I’m not 30 years old


Old enough to know that what looks great on paper doesn’t always work in practice. To understand that what succeeds in one market doesn’t necessarily translate to another. And to operate as skilfully in difficult economic conditions as in favourable ones.

I have a great brain


Why be shy: this is what you’re paying for, after all. Intellectual rigour is one of my core capabilities. The most mutually rewarding assignments are the ones that test it to the maximum.

I’ve been around


A native New Yorker, I’m now a Londoner – with experience of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. And while travel doesn’t necessarily broaden the mind, engaging with successful, ambitious organisations at all levels, in different cultures, and in developed and developing economies, certainly does.

I cut to the chase


Time matters to both of us. I quickly become part of your organisation; there’s no protracted ‘settling in’ period. Where I see areas of difficulty I point them out, and suggest ways of overcoming them. Where I see opportunity I take practical steps to bring it to fruition.

I focus on you


Small is beautiful. I don't have the management distractions of a larger organisation. As a result, you have my full attention.

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